As of today I am officially an unemployed in the corporate world and I'm fine with that. One door closes and another one opens :-)

I was terminated from my day job today after 14 years of loyal and dedicated service in the internet advertising industry, which makes this the first time in my 33 years of working that I have ever been a victim of the dreaded "downsizing" that impacts so many other people in the world today.

However, I am at peace with this turn of events as the balancing act between working a corporate job vs my political activism was definitely weighing much heavier on my soul than ever before, so the universe has once again put a plan in place for me.

More life-changing news coming soon...

After the Campaign...A New Beginning!


 The last two months have been quite a ride. I came into this race as an outsider to CD 11, but I am so grateful for the community's embrace of our universal call for justice: independent investigations of police brutality, a $15 minimum wage, and a massive public jobs program to fight the crises of climate change and unemployment. 

Tuesday night's election result, with only 10.6% turnout, proves only one thing: the vast majority of voters believe they either have no means or no reason to engage with the two-party, corporate-owned system. The Green Party always represents a threat to that system, which is why I was denied participation in the only televised debate, and was even erased from coverage of candidate forums I did participate in! And in the final days of the campaign, we saw recognition of our threat to the system in the form of scare tactics from liberals talking about "vote splitting" and "spoiling" -- as if the Democrats "own" your vote without doing anything to earn it..! 

But I was able to reach you. Our campaign, with the help of volunteers and supporters from across the city, was able to reach communities in Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn who have the fire to fight for change, which brings us to the exciting possibilities of now. 

Because of your support, we now have a base to build fighting Green Party organizations in Staten Island and southern Brooklyn. This is the time to train new leaders, activists and candidates from your communities to continue fighting the 1% and the parties that represent them. I am committed to that vision just as totally as I was committed to speaking truth from the streets to Dan Donovan and Vincent Gentile throughout these past two months. 

The upshot is: you're not rid of me, yet! Discovering all of the passionate individuals and groups in CD 11 has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in the Green Party, and I would not give you up for anything. I am excitedly looking forward to working and growing with you all in the days ahead! 

Keep an eye out for announcements on how to plug into this effort. We can fight back against racism and the 1% in CD 11! It will take strategy, radical education and hard work, but I want to walk that road with you. 

James Lane

Lane Calls for a Green New Deal on Earth Day

DeBlasio's “One NYC” Falls Short of Needed Climate Justice


James Lane, the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 11th CD, called today for this year's Earth Day to mark the end of the fossil fuel era.

A Green New Deal would provide for full employment and meet other basic human rights by making a large-scale investment in the transition to renewable energy, mass transit, energy conservation and sustainable agriculture.

"It is time for the federal government to say NO to any more fossil fuels and instead usher in the era of clean energy. Both corporate parties promote an all-of-the-above approach that promotes extreme extraction of fossil fuels threatening our environment and public health. We need to start building offshore wind projects in the Rockaways and Port Ambrose rather than more gas pipelines and liquefied natural gas facilities. A clean energy future is also a full employment, health future," said candidate Lane.

He noted that studies such as the Jacobson plan show that 4.5 million jobs (more than a quarter million 40-year jobs) would be created in New York State by transitioning to clean energy by 2015. Electric rates would be lowered by half compared to continued reliance upon fossil fuels.

Lane said that, while Mayor de Blasio's "One NYC" program has several good reforms, "it falls far short of the New Deal-scale investment and overhaul that is necessary. Climate Change is not a mayoral vanity project. We need hundreds of billions of dollars annually in Green New Deal funds to 'actually' build back houses and fortify against storms. Fighting climate change is necessary to the survival of neighborhoods on or near the water."

Lane called for a just, democratic transition to a clean energy future, targeting those most vulnerable to climate change (low-income residents and front-line communities) and ensuring jobs for those presently employed by the fossil fuel industry.

"Decades of inaction and opposition by the two main American political parties mean that it is too late to stop climate change. But scientists hope that we have up to 15 years to take major action that may stop the most devastating climate changes from occurring. Otherwise, large parts of New York City, especially in this Congressional district, will no longer be habitable due to rising tides and severe storms," noted Lane.

Lane also said that the federal government needed to dramatically improve its efforts to help families recover from the extreme weather that will continue to worsen due to climate change. Two years after Hurricane Sandy, federal agencies had spent only a fraction of the $48 billion allocated by Congress for relief. Nor has the City's "Build It Back" program done an adequate job.

James said he would prohibit the use of fossil fuels on federal government property, which accounts for about 25% of known US reserves. In order to prevent catastrophic climate change, we need to ensure that 80% of known fossil fuel reserves are never converted to greenhouse gas emissions.

James supports the federal government transitioning to 100% clean energy (no fossil fuels, no nukes) by 2030. He called for an immediate end to the billions of dollars in federal tax subsidies for fossil fuels and nukes and the enactment of a carbon tax in the $100-a-ton range to make greenhouse polluters begin to pay for the damage they cause. It is estimated, for instance, that burning fossil fuels results in the premature deaths annually of 3,100 New Yorkers and more than $25 billion in additional healthcare costs. Polls show that, by 2 to 1, Americans support a carbon tax. Supports goes up, particularly among Republicans, if a portion of the revenues is devoted to renewable energy.

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