Role of the Public Advocate


The job of the Public Advocate is, most fundamentally, that of a watchdog, ensuring that all New Yorkers receive the City services they deserve and have a voice in shaping the policies of their government.

As an ex-officio member of all Council committees with the power to introduce legislation, the Public Advocate is an important participant in the legislative process. Through the office's powers of appointment, the Public Advocate also influences City planning, the budget process, and the management of retirement funds.

The Public Advocate is the best-suited elected official in the City to help create key reforms that engage our residents in the democratic process and make our government more accountable to the people. One of my central priorities will be to aggressively exercise the Public Advocate’s role in reviewing the performance of City agencies and developing proposals to improve vital services on which New Yorkers depend.

The Public Advocate is also a voice for those too easily overlooked by City Hall -- our children, working families, and the poor. I will fight to advance the needs of underserved New Yorkers and protect our most vulnerable residents who are bearing the brunt of the recession.

Government is often resistant to change, but the Public Advocate’s role is to push our bureaucracy to become more responsive and hold our elected leaders accountable to the needs of the people.

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    I have been a registered Democrat for over 30 Years I am done with the playing of politics when its convenient for them . I am voting Green for James Lane May 5, Special Election , Brooklyn and Staten Island Only can Vote , But you can still support James Lane By and letting others who live in those boroughs TO VOTE JAMES LANE FOR CONGRESS MAY5TH , Cinco De Mayo and My Birthday ….lol MAKE MY BIRTHDAY WISH COME TRUE PUT JAMES LANE IN CONGRESS. PEACE. #‎VoteJamesLane4Congress #‎May5th. SAY NO TO NO ACCOUNTABILITY DAN DONOVAN , SAY NO TO SAME OLD BULL SHIT VINCENT GENTILE .YOU HAVE A CHOICE AND ITS A GREAT ONE , VOTE MAY 5TH JAMES LANES IN CONGRESS . peace
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