Adoptee Rights

Due to current laws millions of adults that were adopted as children are now being denied access to vital records regarding their births. This is a basic human right that the Green Party should be committed to help in abolishing the secrets and lies that surround many adoptions around the world by creating necessary transparency between adoptees, their mothers and adoptive parents.

Reform items include the following:

  • Immediate and direct access to all identifying birth, hospital, foster care and adoption agency records and files concerning the adult adoptee (including the original adoption plans and any contracts that pertain to the adoptee or in which they are mentioned) to assist with researching their genealogy, medical history and the truth regarding the circumstances surrounding their adoptions and, if applicable, their time in foster care.
  • Strict financial penalties need to be enforced when birth/adoption records have been lost or destroyed while under the care of agencies, hospitals, lawyers, etc. that have assumed the responsibility of storing these vital records.
  • Full reparations for historical injustices in adoption.¬†

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thank you everyone that helped in getting the Green Party of the United States to officially approve an "Adoptee Rights" plank in their national platform as of August 6, 2016. Now, is the time to create a "Displaced People's Caucus" to help in building a strong political opposition to all of the elected officials across our country that have supported laws and policies that have prevented the reunions of children and their family of origins for far too long. Please sign up below and let's discuss next steps. Thank you, James

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