After the Campaign...A New Beginning!


 The last two months have been quite a ride. I came into this race as an outsider to CD 11, but I am so grateful for the community's embrace of our universal call for justice: independent investigations of police brutality, a $15 minimum wage, and a massive public jobs program to fight the crises of climate change and unemployment. 

Tuesday night's election result, with only 10.6% turnout, proves only one thing: the vast majority of voters believe they either have no means or no reason to engage with the two-party, corporate-owned system. The Green Party always represents a threat to that system, which is why I was denied participation in the only televised debate, and was even erased from coverage of candidate forums I did participate in! And in the final days of the campaign, we saw recognition of our threat to the system in the form of scare tactics from liberals talking about "vote splitting" and "spoiling" -- as if the Democrats "own" your vote without doing anything to earn it..! 

But I was able to reach you. Our campaign, with the help of volunteers and supporters from across the city, was able to reach communities in Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn who have the fire to fight for change, which brings us to the exciting possibilities of now. 

Because of your support, we now have a base to build fighting Green Party organizations in Staten Island and southern Brooklyn. This is the time to train new leaders, activists and candidates from your communities to continue fighting the 1% and the parties that represent them. I am committed to that vision just as totally as I was committed to speaking truth from the streets to Dan Donovan and Vincent Gentile throughout these past two months. 

The upshot is: you're not rid of me, yet! Discovering all of the passionate individuals and groups in CD 11 has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in the Green Party, and I would not give you up for anything. I am excitedly looking forward to working and growing with you all in the days ahead! 

Keep an eye out for announcements on how to plug into this effort. We can fight back against racism and the 1% in CD 11! It will take strategy, radical education and hard work, but I want to walk that road with you. 

James Lane

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  • Mike May
    commented 2015-05-10 14:08:43 -0400
    I don’t like this post, I LOVE it – people-power is the only thing that can sustain a democracy that regrettably over the last 35+ years has been in the process of being privatized.
    When any political structure turns into a vehicle for wealth & power accumulation and self aggrandizement, we the people must ask ourselves : How does this serve the public interest?
    James Lane stands with the people, demanding the answer.
  • Sylvia Martinez
    commented 2015-05-10 07:46:34 -0400
    I Will Be On the Road again with James Lane Political Activist . James I got your Back . Great Piece above, Please Read AND SHARE ,FOR ALL WHO WANT REAL CHANGE AND NOT JUST Talk. James Lane is like you and me, he is REAL , he will fight for us the REAL people of NY . Come take the challenge with James Lane , me ,& the people, who are sick and tired of talk and NO action . Peace and Blessing James Lane .