Another police murder

The recent murder of Dwayne Jeune enrages me.

New York City police shot the Brooklyn resident who reputedly suffered from mental illness because he allegedly wielded a knife.

They shot him five times.

Let me repeat: They shot him five times.

The media are playing their part, justifying state violence. Check out the Daily News’ headline: “DERANGED knife-wielding man fatally shot by NYPD cops in Brooklyn”

Something could have been done to de-escalate the situation, right?

The fact is police kill a black person every 28 hours, according to the Malcolm X Grassroots Committee.

The powers that be are waging war against people who look like me.

That’s why I'm running for New York City Public Advocate this year.

These murders, along with the revelations of vote tampering, increasing rent and decreasing pay, plus rising homelessness, just proves New York City needs the Green Party now more than ever.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you. Please support my grassroots bid for office by making a contribution or sign up to volunteer.

This is the moment to build the Green Party as a force the corporate parties must reckon with.

Thank you for your support!

Warm regards,
James Lane

P.S. If you want to see a friend in office who will stand up when Black and Brown folks are killed, throw $25 into my hat today!

P.P.S. Contributions made by NYC residents are multiplied by 6 (six) because of the matching funds program. That means $25 will turn into $150! Contribute today!

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