Diversity in NYC? Here's how I'll do it.

You might know my day job is in the technology industry.

It’s predominately white.

It’s predominately male.

This is not the world I envision!

Yesterday, news broke that the technology giant Google fired an employee for writing a scathing 10-page memo undermining women in the already chauvinistic sector.

“Diversity” has been the industry buzzword for decades—you just wouldn’t know it by walking through the halls of many technology companies.

You may also have heard New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been on a mission to lure more technology companies to grow the city’s version of Silicon Valley: Silicon Alley.

But sheer economic growth is not good enough for me.

And it’s not good enough for millions of people who need good paying jobs and a great work environment.

That’s why I promise this: When I’m Public Advocate, I’ll help write anti-discrimination laws and demand that technology companies that want to move to the Big Apple meet these criteria:

  1. They value workplace democracy by allowing workers to unionize
  2. They provide paid internships to people from underserved New York City neighborhoods, and
  3. They actively pursue age/gender/race/sexual orientation diversity—and it shows




De Blasio recently announced a diversity requirement for arts organizations.

Don’t you wonder why that isn’t extended to every sector?

This is why I’m running. Won’t you join me?

In solidarity,
James Lane

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