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James Lane is a Green Party candidate and therefore does not accept contributions from corporations or PACs. All Green Party candidates only rely on the generosity and support of individuals who share a vision for a just, democratic, nonviolent and sustainable society.



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  • Adam Bernstein
    commented 2017-07-16 10:11:33 -0400
    I received your flyer at a Celebrate Bklyn event and have been meaning to write you but there’s no way on your site to direct email so I’m posting here. I’ve been a Green Party member since before Nader ran. During the last election, I found not being able to vote in the primaries restrictive but I am still registered Green. The Green Party best represents my views.

    I am wondering however what your opinion of Jill Stein is. I found her to be a terrible candidate especially after it was clear she wasn’t going to be able to win. There’s quite a big difference (as we are unfortunately witnessing) between HRC and Trump. For Stein not to realize that is a major flaw, and yes, I understand HRC being a huge cog in the deadly neoliberal agenda. I supported Stein’s crowdfunding to have recounts, what happened to all the money raised? I never receive correspondence from the Green Party, what is happening with them?

    So I am interested in your platform but I am so frustrated with the Green Party. I am wondering about your thoughts on what I’ve mentioned.

    Best, Adam