Endorsements (2013)

Personal Endorsements

"Jame Lane is the most qualified candidate to take on the job of Public Advocate. He has not taken any money from special interests. He is a strong proponent of the adopted person's right to identity and original birth certificates. He brings with him a sensitivity and understanding of the myriad of issues facing residents of New York City. He has my endorsement." Joyce Bahr, President, New York statewide Adoption Reform's Unsealed Initiative

"I am usually not very political, or endorse very many people. However, I will break with tradition, and endorse my friend James Lane for office. When you go vote today, look for James Lane and vote for him. He is NOT a politician, he is a normal guy, a great guy, a ROCK guy, who wants to make a difference. Lets rise above the nonsensical 2 party system, vote for an independent (actually, the Green Party), and lets show these assholes in charge that WE are truly in control. Vote James Lane!" - John The-Doorman

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