International Women's Day

2014_rosie_the_riveter_flexing_her_arm_muscles_we_can_do_it.jpgThis past Wednesday was International Women's Day. Normally I would stay silent and just listen because I am a man, but I don't want to let this pass without sharing my concerns for women here and worldwide, especially in the current climate, where unions are weak and people are revisiting socialism, communism, and anarchism, hoping for a cure to the myriad ills of capitalism.

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year, which coincides with the March 8, 1917 demonstration of female textile workers in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This protest engulfed the entire city and helped to mark the beginning of the Russian Revolution. The demands made by these proud, brave women and their supporters in the streets ultimately forced the emperor of Russia to abdicate and led to the provisional government's granting women the right to vote. In celebration of this monumental change, Soviet Russia declared March 8 a national holiday in 1917. Until 1975, when the United Nations adopted the holiday, only the socialist movement and communist countries celebrated it.


Now here we are in 2017 and our country is facing the struggles of the Trump administration and its dismantling of institutions such as Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood supports women's control over their own bodies. Does that mean this administration would be willing to pay to support the millions of mothers with children resulting from unplanned pregnancies because these women did the "right thing" and either raised their children on their own or had them raised in a surrogate family? Just a guess, but I'd say hell no. The administration should, especially if it continues the Republican Party's attacks on Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics, but it won't.


Also, the current protests against Trump due to his executive order banning immigrants from certain defined countries make me wonder where was all that outrage when Barack Obama's administration started deporting people in the millions? He deported more women in his first term than any president in history, winning himself the title "Deporter-in-Chief". But few seemed to care then.


Where is the outrage that our government still continues to bomb, mutilate, and murder countless numbers of women and their children in countries around the world?


Where is the outrage over women and their children being forced to live like slaves in factories while producing the latest and greatest overpriced consumer goods to feed our capitalist system of over consumption?


Where is the outrage over female celebrities' being placed on a scale of visual acceptance as opposed to one involving their morals and integrity? Is this truly what we want our daughters and sons to believe is right?


I could go on for days about what International Women's Day means to me, but as I said before I am a man and do not feel that I have a right to comment. However, as a potential public official, I feel it is important for people to know where I stand on the subject of seeing that ALL women in ALL countries are allowed to live and prosper in a world that is free of bigotry, hate, racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia.


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