Green Party Candidate Calls For Debates In Each Borough Before October 18th Voter Registration Deadline

September 20, 2017 (New York, NY) -- James Lane, the Green Party candidate for Public Advocate, is calling for at least five public debates with Letitia "Tish" James and his other opponents.

This November 7th voters will be asked to chose between the following candidates for New York City Public Advocate, but Lane feels that citizens of our city are not being properly informed of their choices or the real role of the office of the Public Advocate.

  • Letitia James, Democratic, Working Families (incumbent)
  • J.C. Polanco, Republican
  • James Lane, Green
  • Michael O'Reilly, Conservative
  • Devin Balkind, Libertarian

"I'm predicting that unless we do a better job of informing citizens of the power of their vote, letting them know about their full candidate/party choices and registering them to vote before the city's October 18th deadline that we are doomed to see yet another coronation of Queen Tish without any opposition" says Lane. "New York citizens deserve to be represented by many choices that truly reflect our many voices and the only way to accomplish this is to have public with ALL of the candidates that want to be the new voice of the people."

Since it's inception in 1993, the role of the Public Advocate was to be your link between city government and the people they they have sworn to represent, but based on public opinion many have felt that Tish James have done little to nothing to help with cases they have opened with her office. Additionally, many community activist groups have become much more vocal regarding her silence on gentrification and police relation misconduct issues. The people feel that like many other elected officials in our city, that Queen James is only focusing on her career aspirations to be the Mayor in New York City instead of raising more public awareness and opposition to these and many other issues that affect us all.

"Understandably, I cannot go in to all of the specifics about where and when these debates will be held as I am currently working out specifics with all of the candidates, their representatives and possible venues" Lane said, "but I can assure you that as soon as we get those details locked down that we will be providing forums that will be educational, engaging and entertaining"


James Lane is not a career politician, he is an independent musician, a citizen journalist, an internet media professional and has been a Green Party activist for over 16 years. In 2013 he was the Green Party candidate for New York City Public Advocate and in 2015 he ran for Congress against the Republican candidate Dan Donovan who was the District Attorney that failed to indict anyone in the killing of Eric Garner. James is a lifelong resident of New York City that was born in Flushing, raised in Harlem, matured in Hell’s Kitchen and currently living in Park Slope. James is married and has a young child in New York City’s public school system.

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