James Lane Congratulates Letitia James On Her Democratic Party Line Victory

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James Lane Congratulates Letitia James On Her Democratic Party Line Victory

James Lane, the Green Party candidate for Public Advocate, congratulated Tish James and said he looked forward to open debates for the position now that the Democratic Party has finally decided who their nominee is.

Lane has several issues he would like to see fully debated. First and foremost is the issue of Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).

Lane said "Today's primary was a waste of more than $13 million in tax funds that could have been avoided if state lawmakers had agreed to the Green Party proposal to have used Instant Runoff Voting for primaries, particularly the citywide elections in NYC". Senator Liz Krueger had introduced the legislation at the Green Party request shortly after she was first elected in 2002; the Green Party had nominated Krueger. Lane added, "IRV has voters rank candidates in their order of preference. If no candidate gets 50% of the vote in the first round, then the votes for the lowest rank candidate is discarded and their votes reallocated to their next choice until one candidate wins a majority". IRV is vetted system that is successfully used in several U.S. cities and around the would. It was even used in NYC in the 1930s and 1940s.

The stated purpose of the public advocate is to be a watchdog over city operations, particularly the Mayor.

"The checks and balances of this position works best when the Public Advocate represents a different party than the Mayor. Without a Republican in the race, a vote for the Green Party makes the most sense, especially for voters concerned about issues like community control of the police, landlord-tenant issues, education and development," said Lane. He noted further, that because James and De Blasio are friendly, it is unlikely that James would oppose him as Public Advocate.

Although the Democratic nominee, Bill De Blasio is considered in some circles to be a "Progressive Democrat" there are serious concerns about his actual record. Lane continued, "De Blasio's support for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards land grab in Brooklyn is just one of the many instances where his sheep's clothing was pulled back to reveal a wolf".

"It is also quite telling that De Blasio has publicly criticized Instant Runoff Voting but has not put forward another plan to stop such a waste of tax payer dollars or to make the current electoral system more fair and democratic". Lane said, "De Blasio's critique of IRV seems to be yet another way that the Democrats (and Republicans) attempt to keep third parties out of the political arena. They have become more concerned with advancing their careers rather than solving crucial issues of the day" said Lane.


James Lane is the Green Party candidate for Public Advocate. Lane has never had a paid government position but he has volunteered locally to improve his community. If elected, he plans on focusing on Adoptee Rights Reform, Affordable Housing, Consumer Rights, Electoral Reform, Mass Transit and Public Health among other issues. He currently lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his wife and child.

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For additional information please contact: James Lane at VoteJamesLane@gmail.com, 917-865-2591

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