James Lane Announces Run for New York City Public Advocate


James Lane Announces Run for New York City Public Advocate


James Lane is running for New York City Public Advocate because most of our society's machinery is broken, from immigration and affordable housing to the criminal justice system.


Even worse, the politicians we elected refuse to do anything to change this toxic status quo. He is here to say right now that it is time to stop rewarding failure by re-electing them to offices to do jobs at which they have proven to be ineffective and inefficient.


As just one example, the New York City Council voted to decriminalize quality of life offenses, yet transit police arrested 2000 people and issued summonses to another 5502 for turnstile jumping in January 2017 alone. Based on the Criminal Reform Act of 2016, the arrests should not have occurred. What a terrible subversion of checks and balances when the City Council passes a law that police bald-facedly break!


We elected these politicians to work for and serve us.


James believes that these politicians should create affordable housing, not rezone neighborhoods to allow for gentrification, not offer tax breaks and subsidies to developers for the most paltry amount of "affordable" housing.


James believes that these politicians should help create jobs, not give themselves raises, like the $36,000 raise they gave themselves in February 2016, bringing their pay to almost three times the citywide median: $148,000.


Recognizing their ineptitude, we must remove them from office.


The time is now to stop ASKING for our government to act. The Democratic primary and the presidential election may have left many feeling jaded, but seeing the brokenness of the the two-party system must reinvigorate us. It has failed over and over to provide even the basics for constituents. We must DEMAND results. And if politicians currently in office refuse, we must tear the broken systems down by any means possible and build those that actually serve the people.


It is time to rise up. Whatever you may have heard, we ARE relevant.  We must take a deep breath and roar FTP (FIRE THE POLITICIANS).



James Lane is not a career politician. He is an internet media professional, a musician in a speed punk band, and a videographer and has been a Green Party activist for over 16 years. In 2013, he was the Green Party candidate for New York City Public Advocate, and, in 2015, he ran for Congress against the Republican candidate Dan Donovan, the district attorney who failed to indict anyone in the killing of Eric Garner.

James was born in Flushing and raised in Harlem. He matured in Hell’s Kitchen and currently lives in Park Slope. He is married and has a young child in New York City’s public school system.

At 23, James lost both of his parents to cancer and diabetes. A few months later, he discovered that he was adopted at 2, but, due to current laws, he was denied access to any information regarding his family of origin. This was the beginning of his fight for justice through political activism, with the hope of ending laws such as the one denying people's right to know about their origins.

A true advocate for the people, he has protested police brutality (with Black Lives Matter groups) and gentrification and advocated for adoptee rights for many years. His current titles include Founder, Hot Indie Media; Editor-in-Chief, Hot Indie News; State Committee Member, Green Party of New York State; Black Caucus Member, Green Party of the United States, National Diversity Committee Member, Green Party of the United States.

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For additional information please contact Gabe Evans at gabe.a.evans@gmail.com or 347-737-1075.

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