Women's Rights


Governor Cuomo and the state legislature have failed two years in a row to adopt these common sense reforms that are needed immediately.

  1. Pay Equity – Equal Pay for Equal Work: Outlaws workplace wage secrecy policies and increases damages for violations to 300% of unpaid wages.

  2. Strengthening the Law Against Sexual Harassment: Extends the law to every workplace.

  3. Attorney’s Fees for Employment, Credit, and Housing Sex Discrimination Cases: Enables litigants who win a sex discrimination case to collect attorney’s fees.

  4. Ending Familial Status Discrimination in Employment: Extends the state law against familial status discrimination in housing and credit to employment.

  5. Ending Discrimination in Housing based on Domestic Violence Victim Status and Source of Income: Ends discrimination and evictions against victims of domestic violence and users of Section 8 rental assistance.

  6. End Prosecution of Victims of Domestic Violence for “Violating” their own Order of Protection: Ends the arrests of protected parties when a respondent violates an order of protection, or when a protected party appropriately contacts a respondent.

  7. Remote Testimony by Domestic Violence Victims: Pilot program to allow domestic violence victims to testify remotely.

  8. Strengthening Laws against Human Trafficking: Better protection to survivors of human trafficking, especially minors, by treating survivors as victims and increasing penalties to punish offenders.

  9. Ending Pregnancy Discrimination: Requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to pregnant workers.

  10. Safeguarding Reproductive Health: Includes Roe v. Wade protections of women's health and right to abortion care not in current New York State law.


Enact an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of New York State.


  • Allow Medicaid funding for abortions.

  • Make emergency contraception available over the counter regardless of age.

  • Enact the "Boss Bill" to prohibit an employer from taking adverse action against an employee because the employee or their dependent made a reproductive decision that conflicts with the employer's personal or religious beliefs.


15% of all women live below the federal poverty line. Mothers are now the primary breadwinners in four out of ten American households, but 31% of female-headed families live below the poverty line. 70% of single mothers working full time do not earn enough to provide basic economic security, defined as being able to meet basic expenses without public assistance. 60% of single women fall below the basic economic security standard. A program to provide economic security for working mothers, women, and all New Yorkers should include:

  • Jobs for all willing and able to work, with public jobs for the unemployed in public works and public services to meet community-defined needs.

  • A state $15/hour minimum wage, indexed to productivity.

  • A guaranteed adequate income above poverty for all who cannot or should not work.

  • Education in lieu of work requirements for people participating in TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families).

  • Exempting women from TANF work requirements if they have children under five.

  • Quality, affordable childcare for all who need it.

  • A minimum of twelve weeks paid family leave for each newborn or adopted child, and for taking care of ill family members.

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